River Safety

If tipped out of your canoe this is what you do. In shallow water with current elevate feet and lie back. Make Shure your life jacket is fastened. Then stay calm and let the water take you and make your way out of the water when you are in no fast current of rapids. Wear non-absorbent clothing or you won’t be able to move when wet.

When in the boat always wear a lifejacket. If there’s a log or rock in the path of your boat don’t push off it, just let the current take you past. In a rapid you must keep paddling and follow the V-shape through to the end. If a jet boat comes past go to one side of the river and face the nose of you boat to the passing jet boat.

In the river there can be many hazards. Such as flash floods and rapids. Hidden under the water can be logs, rocks and other dangers. More viable are jet boat waves and land slide that can make your boat unsteady, tip or even beach. Eddies are viable but you can still easily get the nose of your boat in it and get flipped around. Whirl pools as the name suggests you whirl around and around. These are the main hazards in a river so watch out.

First things first on the river clothing. Your cloths must be fast drying in case they get wet thermals are a good idea. Light as you don’t want to have to waste your energy on lugging around heavy clothing all day. You must have lots of layers as if some get wet or the temp might change.  Staying clean is important, as you should have soap with you to wash yourself. Water shoes and camp shoes must be different because you don’t want wet feet at camp. A beanie is a good idea because it is not big and keeps in a lot of warmth. Make shore you have a good light sleeping bag as it could get wet. Cutlery makes eating allot easier so you might want to take them. Also take dish soap to clean them. These are some essentials to take when out on the river.

Your environment is only what it is by how the people before you have left it. When finished eating wash and put away any rubbish or food you use in a bag and take it with you. If you have trail mix, lollies or any leftover food put it in your sealed barrel for the night or the possum, stoats, rats (etc.) will have a feast. When you leave camp leave it how you found it or even better.


My Mother is Like a Bullet

My Mother is like a bullet, if something happens she can go faster than the speed of sound.

My Mother is like a bullet, a loaded charge ready to go off at any time.

My Mother is like a bullet, she can make it through almost anything that gets in here way.

My Mother is like a bullet, she can’t swim but she can sink.

My Mother is like a bullet, she doesn’t mix well with sand.

My Mother is like a bullet, don’t get to close she has the power to kill.

My Mother is like a bullet, she has a tuff outer shell but is soft inside.

Bad Kids

What do you think about two stupid boys riding the airport bag carrier thing. Then there school said that they were not going to the competition that they were heading for when this happened. There parents of these teens thought that the school can’t do this and went to the high court in protest. The high court. The court over ruled the schools discussion and made the school take the fearless juveniles to the competition.

This is a bad example for the teens as they are now going to go through life thinking that laws don’t apply to them because their parents will just take it to the high court and fix it for them for the rest of their lives. So this may turn into in the future that they rob a store and the store owner won’t have as much mercy as the. The teens will have grown up and they will receives an adult sentences and their parents won’t be able to help them any more.

Camp Reflection

The three things I learnt in general are how the Maori stored their food by hanging big bags of food off the side of cliffs. How They defeated their enemy’s by luring them into side streams blocking the entrance the throwing stones and boulders from the top of the surrounding cliffs. I also learnt that when you paddle on the left side when steering the boat it is much essayer to turn left than right.

What I learned about myself is that I really like the sound the boat makes when it hits the sand or rocks at the end of a long day of paddling. Plus I am good at staying still for long amounts of time if I want. Who knew. Plus I learnt that Matt has got over getting grossed out and putt of his food at this camp.

The biggest challenge I over came on camp was not getting enough sleep. i got over being tiered by acting like you have lots of energy the it seems to trick my body into thinking that I do. Plus I daydream about hunting.

The best part of camp was not ending like most students would say. but for me it was all the yummy food that the guides skilfully prepared in such large amounts. I was simply delicious.

Then there is how me feelings changed on camp in this order exited, happy, worried, happy, tiered, beaming, tiered, bored, happy, full, happy, tiered, sleepy,sleeping and that’s just one day on the water. I’m not one to talk much about feelings can you tell.

Thinking Hat Reflection – Week 6

White Hat- I learnt this week all about the river camp we are going on next week. I learnt about the history and were about it is in New Zealand.

Red Hat- this week I feel happy that a lot of my class is coming on camp and I think no one is missing out on going.

Yellow Hat- I’m am glad that Rasspreet and Sampreet are coming on camp and not missing out.

Black Hat- I did not injoy bikeing home on a wet seat on Thursday so that wasn’t good.

Purple Hat- obedience is the cornerstone value that I used this week when I am late to Tahu’s class I listen and fallow all instructions to cach up quick.

Blue Hat- I think I improved on putting my hand up because I was a bit of a know it all in Greg’s class this week. Next week I am going to keep my head down working hard and my hand up answering questions in class.

Green Hat- Next week my goal is to have all my coped mucks in the correct order so I can drum better.



I will tel you about the one thing I can not live with out. For a teenager that should be a phone, Facebook or even TV but not me. One thing I am very passionate and vomited to is hunting. Yes I know what is a teenage girl doing hunting and not. Being moody in her room.
Well when I go hunting I’m not tied down by rules there are many types of hunting which of all I do. The first type being deer hunting this is the more difficult as they are fast and like hiding at day time. The best time to catch them is early in the morning or late at night. Morning hunting is done on foot and night time hunting is done in a truck.
Second type is my second favourite duck shooting or duck hunting what ever you want to call it. There isa season for this and if you are shooting them here is also a license. What you do Is fine a place were they start to land in the afternoons do wait the and shoot them when they come flying in. Or for more of a challenge you could put some fake ducks and food out to lure them in for the kill.
So anyway that’s me passion and how I do I hope you found helpful.

My Big Kind Deed

Normally I’m quite quite around most of my family. If you know me you’ll think I’m lying but it is true. On the weekend my uncle came around with a big trailer full of meat every kind you could think of. He called almost every person in my family to say come and get some free meat. Any way every one came around and after a bit they had all became very tired. So I made every one a drink. From previous experiences I already knew what they like and how to make it. So I went in the kitchen and made them all a drink. So that is the kind deed I did for everyone. 

Tourists Driving

What do you think about tourists coming to NZ getting in a car and driving all over with out knowing what the rules are. Well in my opinion I think that they should sit a test before the can even touch a car. The test would be simple fast but they only have two chances to pass or they can’t drive.

When they pass they will get a card. This stops them from saying ” But I din’t understand. ” Then the cops know they know the rules and consequences therefore can’t get out of trouble.

With the test in place would you fell a lot better that theirs a only a tiny chance of you getting injured or killed. Or worse a loved one gets killed or injured and the one who did it gets a way. now ain’t that something to think about.

So I think that there should be a test. that will stop as least a few deaths from accruing and would make it very much worth it. Hopefully that mini van that doesn’t give way, will. So every one is happy.


Should you be watching TV shows that are rated over your age. In my opinion we shouldn’t be watching them because the ratings are there for a reason. Plus you can’t un-see something way over your head it may even give you a nightmare or two. When you have these nightmares you will think ” man I wish I never watched that stupid show ” so don’t you want to prevent it from even happening in the first place. Do so by reading the rating and thinking I’m 12 so I shouldn’t be watching this R16.

Poor guy that got shot in the back

On Saturday in Russia a man of government got shot four times in the back wile he was eating his dinner. I know what your thinking ” how delightful ” but I’m still going to talk about it so just read and fill up your gossip bucket. This man was Vladimir Putin’s opposition for power of government. Interested yet don’t lie I know you are so just keep reading. Continuing on  basicly the whole world thinks it was Vladimir Putin him self or a hit man hired by him so that’s all I have got time to tell you.

Good bye.